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The house representatives to serve in the

Village of Hempstead Women Volunteer to Build Habitat for Humanity Home

The Village of Hempstead recently participated in National Women Build Week to empower women to take action against poverty. In partnership with Lowe’s and Habitat for Humanity, more than 75 local women joined Village of Hempstead Mayor Wayne J. Hall Sr., Trustee Don Ryan and Deputy Mayor Luis Figueroa to build a home on 36 Maple Avenue, Hempstead, NY. The recipient of the new home will be announced from among qualifying Nassau County online applicants on June 15th.

Vote against us military undocumented

Community Agenda/Calendar

May 23

Community Youth Expo

12:00 p.m. - 5:00 p.m.

Exposition for youths.

Clayton Street, Central Islip. Patrocinado at Suffolk  County, Brentwood Association of Concerned Citizens, and Central Islip Civic Council and Urban League of Long Island.


More Info Call:

(631) 639-1478

June 1

Taste of Times Square

5:00 p.m. - 9:00 p.m.

Over 50 of Times Square's best restaurants will offer their finest tastes from around the globe at Taste of Times Square – our annual outdoor food and music festival.


46th Street between Broadway and 9th Avenue (including historic Restaurant Row) and on Broadway from 45th to 47th Streets.

June 7

Puerto Rican / Hispanic Day Parade


 5th Avenue y on the route of Service Road North.


(631) 626-3603

June 17

Marketing Your Own


7:00 p.m. -  8:30pm

No Registration Is Required. They will teach all important marketing tips, exclusive to long island.

Brentwood Public Library

June 5 - June 28

The Latinizing Of Shakespeare-world Premier Of “sueño”

8:00 p.m.

Free outdoor summer event. Live bilingual performances, puppeteers, music, dancers and singers.

La Plaza @ The Clemente, 114 Norfolk Street, NYC

Do You Have FREE events coming up? Let us Know!

Email: bilingualnews@gmail.com


May 16 - May 25 / 2015


May 11 - May 18 / 2015

Designs of The Week


T Wei is an amazing artist who specializes in vector illustrations and character design.



Design by, Murtazasaeed



Design by, Gordon Napier

Mind Blowing


Design by, Gary Davis

With Tracy Morgan still recovering from that accident on the New Jersey Turnpike, plans for an untitled comedy series on cable's FXX network are on hold.


The network in April ordered 10 episodes of a new series produced by the team behind It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia that was to have starred Morgan and was set to premiere in August.


FX Productions issued this statement: "The only thing we are concerned with is the health and recovery of Tracy Morgan and the victims of this tragic accident. We will support Tracy and his family in every way possible throughout his recovery. At the point when Tracy has recovered and decides that he is ready to go back to work, his show will be waiting for him. Right now our thoughts and prayers remain with Tracy, the other victims of the accident, and their families."

NASHVILLE, Tenn. (AP) — A Tennessee man has been charged with dismembering the body of a woman and eating part of her corpse, officials said Tuesday.


Gregory S. Hale, 37, was arrested at his home Sunday and is charged with premeditated first-degree murder and abuse of a corpse, Coffee County District Attorney Mickey Layne told The Associated Press.


Hale confessed to killing the woman, according to the arrest warrant, which identified the woman as Lisa Marie Hyder.


Hale told authorities he beheaded Hyder and cut off her hands and feet and placed the body parts in plastic buckets, according to the warrant. It says Hale buried the torso in a burn pile at the residence.

Michael and April Wolber had picked the perfect wedding destination, that was unfortunately and dangerously close to a wildfire engulfing the region. They couldn’t cancel their nuptials, had their wedding and got some incredible photos from it.


The wedding took place in Rock Springs Ranch in Oregon, and when the ceremony began, firetrucks pulled up, warning the wedding party that the Two Bulls wildfire was heading straight for them at a dangerous pace.


So, with firefighters as additional witnesses, the couple rushed through their vows in half time, and evacuated to a safe area as soon as possible.

Four Curiosities About the Effects of Dreaming

Women have more nightmares than men.


What you smell while you sleep affects the contents of your dreams.


Sleeping brain is similar to awake brain.


Dreaming eases pain.

Because of that, Feb. 15 starts the busy season for divorce lawyers, as people who were unhappy with their marriages heading into the day often decide that they no longer want to be with the one they used to love.


A study of divorce filings in New York, Illinois and California by...

The country climbed five places in the 'ranking' of happiness and came to the first place. Doubts by economy.


Although several years have been very close, for the first time Colombia is the happiest country in the world, according to the Global barometer of happiness and hope, that performed in 54 countries worldwide network (Win - Gallup International) market research companies.


Last year, in the same survey, we were the sixth place behind countries very prosperous as the Netherlands and Switzerland.


This year, we are first, followed by Malaysia, Brazil and Saudi Arabia.

Christmas 2014 now planning!

New flash everyone: Red Bull does not actually give you wings!

Harris called Islam “the motherlode of bad ideas.”

The court refused to hear cases from the states -- Oklahoma, Utah, Virginia, Wisconsin and Indiana -- seeking to keep their same-sex marriage bans in place.

Couples in some of those states began applying for marriage licenses just hours after the Supreme Court's decision.

Kickstarter success story Kano, which promises to teach anyone how to code and build a computer, is now available for $150.


—Kano makes learning to use technology as easy as playing with Legos.

The 44-year-old singer also found it challenging to get through her hit "We Belong Together," not only because...

Netflix, the dominant source of video streaming content, has put into effect a price increase for their “Ultra HD” 4K content.

Police arrested a nurse in northeastern Italy after 78-year-old Rosa Calderoni was admitted to the hospital with...

Meet Jr., a consumer robot in development that could soon be an extra set of eyes and ears in your house. Tempe, Arizona-based startup Roambotics is currently beta testing its first version in about 10 to 20 homes before it goes on sale next year. Jr. is a general-purpose robot equipped with cameras, microphones, Wi-Fi, Bluetooth and autonomous navigation..

Saturn's moon Mimas – the munchkin among the ringed planet's 13 major moons – is finally getting some love.

the company’s Australian branch just added the Doritos Crunchy Crust pizza to its menu.

Easily one of the most talked about pieces here in Las Vegas at International CES 2015, the Spider Dress 2.0 is on our list for best of the whole convention for sure!

While the device is getting a modern makeover, its no longer the low-cost music player of the past. The new 128 GB Walkman comes with a $1,119.99 price tag.

France has been shaken by three days of terror, which began on Wednesday when brothers Cherif and Said Kouachi massacred 12 people at the Paris office of satirical newspaper Charlie Hebdo.

Now there’s an app that will help you invent a fake boyfriend, or girlfriend.


Either way, for $24.99 you can even fool yourself that you aren’t cripplingly lonely.

Cartoons Before and After

A shortage of blood which has been dubbed the “blood famine.” Black market agents known as “blood heads” sell certificates which allow patients access to state blood banks.

According to several sources, up to 200 Christians have been kidnapped by ISIL militants in Syria   following ISIL attacks on Assyrian Christian villages surrounding the town of Tal Tamer in the province of Hassakeh in the northeast of the country.

On Tuesday the news website Arab Source said that social media posts reported the number of missing civilians kidnapped by ISIL to be as high as 200, while the Syriac National Council of Syria told Reuters they had verified that at least 150 people had been abducted.

Students at Vanderbilt University spill out of dorm rooms and apartments and make their way to watering holes a few minutes from campus.


They lean against bars and fill dance floors in Midtown..

         Increase Your Intake of Fruit

and Vegetables

                         Eating more will help you maintain a more stable health and let your body feel good.  Taking in fruit and vetables daily, eating enough daily and measuring with fruit and vetables to balance with will help immensely to prevent: • Diabetes • Cancer • Obesity


 There seems to finally be a promised feature coming that many have been asking for since the PS4's launch: Suspend/Resume. The best part is that it might be coming sooner than expected.

Miguel broke the heart of his number one fans.


The show at the National Auditoria of Mexico, Miguel got some pretty nasty screams and insulting comments from his fans that night.

The professional soccer player of Real Madrid promotes his new clothing line with some dance moves.

The Oscar winner Eddie Redmayne, from the movie ‘The Theory of Everything,’ has announced the date for his upcoming movie, The Danish Girl

As demonstrated by Hainan Airlines, oil itself is revealing to have new capabilities as...

A new program by the Nassau County District Attorney’s office could help improve relations between the police and the immigrant community.


According to the initiative, announced on March 16, the police will not inquire into the immigration status of crime victims. There is no equivalent program in Suffolk County, but...

Technology seems to evolve at lightning speed, and it can be tough for business owners to sort out the latest tech fads from the tech must-haves. One recent innovation adding new dimensions to all kinds of small businesses is 3D printing.

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