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1. Buy In Bulk:


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3. Pay Off Your Debt:








Mark Cuban is an American businessman and investor. His Net worth is: 3 billion USD (2015 Forbes).





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Free English Classes


Monday Nights

7:00pm – 8:00pm


Friday Mornings

10:00am – 11:00am


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Grace Lutheran Church

240 Mastic Road

Mastic Beach, NY 11951






Nassau County Executive Edward P. Mangano invites residents to enjoy the many activities that are scheduled to take place during July 2016 at Nassau County senior centers throughout the area.

  St. Anthony’s School

80 Anchor Avenue Oceanside - 11572

Tel: (516) 764-9792

Visit us, meet other families with young children, play with our toys and make the craft of the week.  Appropriate for children ages birth through five years old.  Registration is required as space is limited!.

Montauk Library

871 Montauk Highway Montauk, NY - 11954 Tel: 631-668-3377

Working in conjunction with Suffolk County & the Town of Islip as well as a private business organizations, the community based group will host a series of free concerts and outdoor movie night.

   Ronkonkoma Beach Park

299 Rosevale Avenue Ronkonkoma - 11779

Tel: 631-848-0361

Kids will have a blast with the variety of entertainment and activities while adults will love the vendors and unique items!.


Main Street

Bellport - 11713

Tel: 631-307-2557

July 26

July 29

July 27

July 30

Line Dancing - Oceanside Senior Center

Summer Stay & Play


Lakefest 2016

Bellport Day 2016

10:45 am

11:30 am - 12:30 pm

06:00 pm - 10:00 pm

11:00 am - 04:00 pm

Technology Looks Into Our Eyes

The Iris Program (IP) is part of the agency’s Next Generation Identification (NGI) initiative — a push to develop more sophisticated identification systems to run parallel to existing and other burgeoning technologies (like fingerprints and facial recognition, respectively).


According to the program’s outline, the aim of the IP is to “create a national iris repository that will increase the usability of iris biometrics,” which can then be shared between US Border Patrol, the Pentagon, and a number of other law enforcement agencies.


As consumers, our first brushes with biometrics have still been brushes. In a technical sense, those counts as intimate physical relationships. Unwittingly making eye contact with some beam somewhere just feels different, probably because it doesn’t feel like anything.

This Week's Top Stories

China Fears Hillary Clinton More Than Donald Trump

In 2010, then Secretary of State, Hillary Clinton, provoked outrage in Beijing when she pushed the South China Sea to the top of the regional and U.S. security agendas. Clinton is well-known in China - but not well liked. “Clinton will be a difficult partner,” one senior Chinese diplomatic source told Reuters, having just admitted to not knowing much about Trump or what he stands for.

Olympics: Report Confirms State-Sponsored Doping By Russia

Evidence has confirmed a Russian whistle-blower’s claims of government-ordered cheating at the 2014 Sochi Olympics, a two-month investigation commissioned by the World Anti-Doping Agency found, intensifying pressure on the International Olympic Committee to discipline Russia ahead of this summer’s Rio Games.


The report was produced by Richard McLaren, a Canadian lawyer commissioned by the anti-doping organization. He wrote that his investigation had established “beyond a reasonable doubt” that Russia’s ministry of sport, its anti-doping organization and the country’s federal security service were involved in an elaborate cheating scheme that stretched beyond the Sochi Games.

3 Dead in Shooting in Central England Town

British police say three people have been shot dead near a swimming pool in the eastern England town of Spalding. The force says “three people have been fatally wounded, including the suspected offender.”

El Salvador: Proposes 50 Year Jail Terms For Women Who Have An Abortion

Campaigners have condemned a proposal from politicians in El Salvador that would send women to jail for up to 50 years for having an abortion. The Latin American country already has perhaps the toughest rules in the world surrounding reproductive rights.


Abortion is illegal there under any circumstances - there are no exceptions for rape, incest or the health of the mother, and women are aggressively pursued by prosecutors.


Now, politicians from a conservative opposition party, the Nationalist Republican Alliance (Arena) have submitted a motion to reform article 133 of the penal code, which stipulates the penalty for women who cause or consent to an abortion.


“The Penal Code does not harmonise with the protection of life from the moment of conception, violating the constitution and the principles of equality and proportionality of the protected penalty,” Arena said in its proposal, according to the EFE news agency.

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